About Me

During my childhood I sold newspapers and since then I was fascinated with photographs showing on their pages. At my short age, I take it as a mystery, as a magic thing, without any possible explanation, that was the mystery of photography.
I had to emigrate at an early age looking for new horizons, I did choose France. My attention was always attracted by the artistic and cultural diversity of this territory, ideal for my development in the artistic field.
I took some courses; I improved in black and white, also in color techniques, all that is born in the click of the camera until get the result – for me – in my own hands. After some years I came to reside in the United States.
This world has evolved so quickly and the new techniques lead us to a constant effort to stay updated.
I am currently a professional in this wide field as well as photography and all derivates ….video, production and edition.
This is what I want to offer you, my dedication, my inspiration and my passion to give my customers a product with the real value that you want to give to it.

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